Meet some of ExoScout's Global Talent
Meet the 'Talent' in #CelebratingGlobalTalent!

We always talk about Celebrating Global Talent – it's our tagline and the heart of our brand after all – but today we're excited to share some of their faces as they say hello and talk about what remote work has been like as one of our Scouts!

Our global team says hello 👋


We asked some of our remote employees from different parts of the world and with different partner companies about their experience working remotely – here's what they had to say, verbatim:

Quotes from our Scouts

Our personal favorite? When Kevin said he "enjoys working everyday." (As a remote team ourselves, we couldn't agree more.) We're thrilled to be able to partner with companies in providing global talent fulfilling remote careers. 🙌

What this means for your company

When your remote team's this happy about working, you're guaranteed to achieve results – for significantly less than what you'll normally spend on an in-house employee. As you hopefully saw in the video, our team scouts the globe for talents that can easily adapt to US or Canadian cultures, negating any doubt that outsourcing would mean compromising global competitiveness or cultural fit. We're proud of our stringent hiring process and the talents that we're able to scout for our partners.

It's a process that genuinely puts everyone's – our talents and our partner companies – best interest at heart.

Let's talk about growing your team remotely! Reach out via our website, via e-mail at [email protected], or through our social channels. Learn more about our services here.