who we are

We are a diverse team of passionate people whose goal is to bring the global workforce to companies in the US and Canada.

Backed with an expertise in managing remote employees, we aim to bring value to small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for a cost-conscious way to grow their workforce while celebrating global talent and empowering the worldwide workforce.

our story

ExoScout was founded in January of 2021 – one year after the COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized how people work. Businesses were forced to operate from within employees’ homes, making the corporate world realize that things can run successfully without a physical office. Even before a shift to this setup was recognized as a viable option for companies, our founders were already believers of remote work, having already been working with remote employees for years.

It was this desire to encourage more businesses to utilize the global workforce and allow them to cut costs at the same time that led to ExoScout’s inception. At ExoScout, we don’t just believe that remote work is here to stay – we also believe in the talent that abounds when we open our doors to the global workforce. We want businesses to see that value, too.

our core values

integrity    competence    adaptability    diversity


our mission

To become a trusted partner for remote talents, helping businesses grow and champion the global workforce while helping talents from all over the world achieve fulfilling remote careers

our vision

To become the industry leader in remote sourcing and to be a constant source of remote employment for the global workforce, unifying the corporate world