Benefits of Hiring Remote Talent
Discover the benefits of going remote, from lower costs to a happier workforce

We're finally starting to recover from the pandemic, yet one thing remains clear: remote work is here to stay.

Companies worldwide have discovered the many benefits of having a remote team – but if you're still on the fence, have a read below – we'll talk about some of the top benefits we and our partners have seen from going remote.

Access to the global workforce

We'll kick this list off with our favorite: having access to the global workforce. Hiring remotely means you won't have to limit your team to workers within your location. Our talents come from different parts of the world – the Philippines, Argentina, Macedonia, among other globally competitive sources of talent. You no longer have to choose your next employee based on who's near your office: the focus is now on the whoever's the best fit for your open role and your company culture.

Access to specialized talent

Do you need a web developer? A customer service representative? An account executive? Whichever role you're looking for, because you'll now have access to specialized talent across the globe, extensive training is no longer a necessity, and you'll be able to jump straight into the work and fulfill your requirements much quicker.

With the global pool and the right partner in sourcing talent, you can freely hire employees already experienced in the industry so that you'll spend less time looking for the perfect fit and training – more time getting the work done.

Lower costs

When we say we'll save you up to 50% of your typical cost per employee, here's what we mean: you save on operational costs as your remote employees work from their own homes – meaning you save on office utilities, rent (which we know is massive in the US and Canada), and supplies; your remote employees, being independent contractors, have their own taxes covered; and wages tend to be lower than what you would expect in the US or Canada.

These savings add up, significantly increasing your cost per employee savings. Less expenses = more profits for your company.

Technology makes remote work effortless

The surplus of industry standard tools today, from the likes of Asana, Slack, and Google Suite, means remote work doesn't have to be difficult – in fact, it can be seamless. Coordinating with your team in this digital age, if equipped with the proper tools, can increase efficiency and can boost your team's productivity.

Don't worry about not being able to walk to your employee's cubicle. With these tools, coordination will be effortless as your team will just be a comment, tag, or e-mail away.

Happier remote employees = higher productivity

A study conducted by Stanford researchers found that working from home increased productivity by 13%. Workers have been happier working remotely, which sees increased productivity. Employees no longer have to succumb to office distractions and now get to control their time and manage their tasks more effectively. This increase in productivity allows employees more time for themselves and therefore an overall boost on their mental wellbeing, while employers benefit from having a more energized and productive workforce: a win-win for both!

Start reaping the benefits. Let's grow your remote team!

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