Python Developer

about the job

One of our partners in Celebrating Global Talent - a NY-based software development company focusing on eCommerce - is looking for a long-term Python Developer knowledgeable in front and backend development and is a good communicator, self-motivated, creative, and eager for big opportunities.

We are searching for either a Junior or Senior Developer – a single person to see projects through to fruition or to dedicate the hours required to solve tough problems.

about the job

Our partner is a software development house launched in NYC in 2015, offering business intelligence solutions for eCommerce. In addition to a strong background in coding, they have an equally keen business acumen. They are a team of seasoned software engineers that have achieved success by combining software talent with a deep knowledge of eCommerce.

 the specifics

Work arrangement: 
Remote | Full-time | Long-term

Work hours: US business hours (EST)

Salary range: To be discussed - will be commensurate with experience

Requirements: Remote work-ready equipment (computer/laptop, headphones, high-speed internet)



  • Maintaining and building on our boilerplate Django template that is used across many projects. This includes adding features, modifying pages and implementing off-the-shelf/purchased templates

  • Managing Chrome Extensions & some javascript snippets are built out for those UIs

  • Modifying Odoo apps (these are Python-based modules that have a similar MV pattern as Django)

  • Learning new systems like Skulpt (pure Python web development), Mezzanine (Python framework for websites), and generally keeping us moving forward


  • Writing wrappers to interact with APIs

  • Modifying existing code either for efficiency or code quality, reliability, etc.

  • Implementing new features IE Sentry for error logging or other party tools


  • 1 to 2 years of Python experience

  • Experience with Django

  • Experience with APIs

  • Experience with GIT

  • Knowledge of Django class-based-views is preferred but not required

  • Design is not required as pages are implemented from pre-made templates